Fair Partnerships

Reflecting on the impact of our actions.

Sustainable supply chains

All our business partners and suppliers must meet certain minimum requirements with regard to sustainability. We spelled these out in our new Business Partner Code of Conduct issued in 2021. In addition, we are working on a supply chain management system revolving around human rights.

A woman carrying a box of freshly harvested vegetables from the field.
A person holding loose coffee beans in his open hands.

More certified products

We want to buy more sustainable products and use more sustainable services. This applies especially to food, beverages, cleaning products and textiles. We make sure that these have selected ecological and/or social seals of approval. We use solely sustainably certified and fairtrade coffee, for instance, in the catering areas of our European leasehold and management hotels.

More animal welfare

The health and welfare of animals are important to us. That's why we are removing certain products from our menu such as endangered fish species. Furthermore, we have not used any eggs or egg products from caged hens in Europe since 2019.

A herd of cows grazing on a mountain meadow.

Discover more areas of action

Find out how we put our Corporate Social Responsibility into practice in other areas.

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Green Buildings

Becoming climate-neutral by 2050: Because conserving resources is the future.

More about Green Buildings

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Green Services

More about Green Services


If you have any questions about our Corporate Social Responsibility activities please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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