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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our contribution to a more sustainable future.

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Our CSR Roadmap

When we make decisions, we always reflect upon their impact: on the environment, the climate, people and our community. Our CSR Roadmap sets mandatory short-, medium- and long-term targets to this end. It is based on our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and applies to all areas of sustainability. Each and every one of our employees – from managers to trainees – drives our corporate sustainability activities forward. This is part and parcel of our culture.

Five areas of action

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility comprises five key areas of action:

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Working hand in hand

Because together we are simply the strongest. Whether manager or trainee – everyone contributes to our success. Also when it is about more sustainable action. As an employer, we focus on personal development, equal opportunities, health and mobility for each and every individual, as this is the only way we can continue to develop our corporate culture, which is grounded in an openness to the world and reliability.

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Becoming climate neutral by 2050

Because conserving resources is the future. We use natural resources in a responsible manner. This helps reduce our carbon footprint. By means of certifications, we ensure high sustainability standards for our buildings and processes worldwide. Above all, resource-saving building standards have an impact on planning, construction, operation and maintenance, helping us to become climate-neutral over the long term.

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Combining sustainability and best service

Because our guests deserve the best. We are offering our guests ever more sustainable services. This is how we are improving our local services while at the same time making a commitment to the climate and society. But we don't just want to inspire our guests to travel more sustainably. We start above all with ourselves: we are rethinking packaging, food and beverages, for example.

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Reflecting on the effects of our actions

Because it's time to give something back. We are taking our suppliers with us on the journey toward greater sustainability. Even in purchasing, we are placing increasing value on regional, fair-trade and certified products. We have high standards to achieve more sustainable supply chains and ensure respect for human rights – and work resolutely to ensure that these are put into practice. Not only by us, but also by our partners around the world.

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Helping to shape social life

Because social commitment is becoming ever more important. We have locations all over the world and want to help shape local social life. It is to this end that we build long-term partnerships and networks. We also involve our employees in our social commitment. They make our activities even more effective.

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