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Helping to shape social life.

Stakeholder dialog

Our stakeholders drive our company forward. Through their perspectives, actions and decisions, they make a significant contribution to our joint success. That's why we are communicating even more closely with them. This can relate to NGOs, stakeholders in the local communities or industry relevant parties.

A group of people in a sunny forest. They are collecting garbage in big bags.

Corporate Volunteering

An important pillar of our social commitment: voluntary work performed by our employees in the regional vicinity of our hotels. We want to further encourage their social commitment. To this end, we stage social days at our hotels and the Team Center.

A diverse group of people working together on a laptop.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are firmly convinced that diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones of a strong and innovative work culture. For this reason, we aim to provide equal working conditions and opportunities to all applicants and employees, regardless of their skin color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability. We highly value appreciating the diversity of opinions, beliefs, and life choices. To achieve this, we consistently strive to bring our code of conduct to life and maintain a respectful and open interaction among ourselves. We also uphold these principles in collaboration with all stakeholders.

A T-shirt that a child has transformed into a homemade soccer jersey with markers.

Encouraging social commitment

We are committed to promoting education, culture and sports worldwide. We have been a partner of the organization Fly & Help since 2014 and are working to strengthen the school system in the Global South. By building six schools, we have already reached 1,500 students. In addition, we have been supporting the "Football Meets Culture" project until 2023.

Discover more areas of action

Find out how we put our Corporate Social Responsibility into practice in other areas.

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One Team

Working hand in hand: Because together we are simply the strongest.

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Fair Partnerships

Reflecting on the impact of our actions: Because it's time to give something back.

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